Enterprise Web Application Development

1. Enterprise Data Management Application Development

Grameentech can develop high quality Enterprise Data Management Applications, where we provide an end-to-end solution for Enterprise data storage and Management. Those databases can be Project specific or generic.

Similar types of Applications we already have
Chalo Information System: This application is in use to maintain Grameentech internal employee management and Projects time management

2. Enterprise Data Viewer Application Development

Along with the data management applications, Grameentech has vast experience also in Enterprise data Viewer application development. We have a group of experts who can develop Good Looking, User Friendly Enterprise Viewer applications. Those applications can be Project Specific or Generic.

Similar types of Application we already have
We have a Enterprise viewer application for project specific login. We serve different local governments of The Netherlands with this application. This application can be viewed on http://geoborg.chalois.com

3. Automatic Data Synchronization

Grameentech have developed different applications which can Synchronization data from one server to another. For example, we can make an update in our Enterprise application, which can be directly synced to client side so that they can also check the updates. This ensures 1:1 Synchronization among different web viewer of same interests.

Similar types of Application we already have
We have developed a technology to make our Enterprise web viewer Synchronized with The Netherlands National Database for Large Scale Topography. In this system, we can define an area of interest and any updates made by any user in that area of interest will be automatically synced in our Enterprise system. Again, if we make any changes in that area, that will also be Synchronized in The Netherlands National Database for Large Scale Topography.

4. Enterprise Tasks Management

The world is changing. So, the Enterprise data we already have are supposed to be changed in real life. So, we must need to detect those changes and update our Enterprise viewer accordingly. Keeping that in mind, Grameentech offers their client to manage any changes in their area of interest in an easy and effective structured way. Where client will need to change, they just can place a pinpoint there in our Enterprise viewer. Then depending on the action required, they can assign the task to Surveyor to Survey that area or to the Enterprise Mapping Operators to digitize the area based on new Aerial Images. After a task is completed by any specific department, they can assign it to the next department to take action. Thus, a smooth and effective tasks management can be ensured.

Similar types of Application we already have
In our Enterprise viewer for Different Local Governments of The Netherlands, we have also provided this service to our clients. They are happy with the service as this service can be fully customized based on client’s requirement. For example, if a client has only 3 departments in their system, we can develop the tasks management system for 3 departments. If another client has 6 departments in their system, we also can develop tasks management system for 6 departments.