Company Profile

Grameentech – formerly known as ICS Group, is a Multinational company specialized in independent IT services in the fields of Custom Software and Enterprise Applications Development, Engineering Drawing and Modeling, Enterprise Data Services and Photogrammetry.

Grameentech was established in 1994 from the need of Dijkoraad Engineering to associate administrative processes with data drawings. The successful collaboration between ambitious newly graduated engineers from the Technical University Enschede and Dijkoraad Engineering created a lot of work for customers including some from the market in process engineering. From this Grameentech became an autonomous and independent consulting and software agency in the field of CAD, Enterprise, Database and Web technology.

Grameentech has back offices in Bangladesh since 2000 and together with this back office we are able to offer our customers a unique price performance value.

Grameentech offers independent expertise in the field of Software Development, Engineering Drawing and Modeling, Enterprise Data Services, Photogrammetry and related Product development with a specialization in linking between graphical and alphanumerical data in mostly technical areas.

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